Little Happy Accidents

Happy accidents.  Do we all say that because we grew up watching Bob Ross paint?  The boys’ bedroom update ended up being a beautiful culmination of happy accidents.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

The boys have been hinting that they wanted more done to their room.  To be totally honest, after I painted it, I was kinda over the whole thing.  I do try to be fair though and the girls’ bedroom is completely finished.  They even have book page covered light switches and electrical outlets.  I digress.  In the midst of putting off the boys room, I found out two things.  First, our yards were going to be completely dug out. Second, two of the cutie nieces were coming for Thanksgiving.  Before chaos reigned supreme once again in the BMcV house, I wanted the outside touched up.  Shutters painted!

Oh, these shutters.  I swear, the houses around me are all different ages but we all have these same f’n shutters.  I bought beautiful charcoal gray paint.  Spray paint.  Guess what? Our shutters are attached with some foul thing called shutter locks.  You have to break them to get the shutters off.  Whoever was running the house when those went up clearly did not change their mind as often as I do.  And guess who threw out the receipt for the spray paint?  This girl.  Good thing DH really loves me.  I went and bought exterior satin and had it mixed in my precious dark gray and then DH had to paint 5 out of the 6 shutters by hand because I am afraid of heights!  LOL.

The outside got done and looked amazing.  My oldest son pitched in with a bunch of heavy stuff for 2 weekends in a row. We were in the garage, doing I don’t even remember what, when I spotted the two unused spray paints.  With an okay from the boy, I used it on their room.

img_02141Happy accident number one, the gray pretty perfectly matches the gray in the plarn baskets I made the boys earlier this year.  Yay!

Over this past weekend the big boy helped redo the dresser.  This is another bane of my existence pieces.  I have HATED this dresser since I first moved in with DH and it was the girls’ dresser.  It was just gross.  My mom loves it and is going to be irritated that I “ruined” it.


This is the dresser while we were taking it apart.  I did the first drawer to see how it was going to go, the boy took the rest of the drawers apart.  Luckily that ugly orangish part of the handle was not attached to the handle.  We tossed all those.


The handles were painted black and the drawers were painted the same charcoal gray as the shelf and then…….Happy accident number 2.  I ran out of paint after starting the body of the dresser.  DH said he would go get some.  I told him Rustoleum Dark Gray Satin. See I gave him the wrong color and not enough detail.  DH, who really loves coming home to a cozy house, knows that his crazy wife swears by Rustoleum 2x Painter’s Touch.  Which he came home with in dark gray.  He’s a good man.  I hadn’t bought that Rustoleum though.  He offered to go back, but I was wearing out.  I decided nope, we would go ahead and see how it looked.

Gorgeous.  That’s how it looks. Very high end from such an ugly piece.  The big boy and I are now excited to work on the room some more.  He was so happy, he SnapChat-ted the end result.  I should have him help me more.


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