Making the Pattern Appear: an ongoing yarn pooling experience

Yarn Pooling is a combination of hook size and stitch numbers done in the moss or linen stitch (sc, ch1, sk1, sc. next row sc go in ch spaces, ch1 on top of previous sc) that make a pattern or patterns appear in variegated yarns with long color changes.  It just takes work.  Start at the beginning of a color, chain, stitch, work 10 rows, see what you get, start again. I’m a little obsessed with this because it’s been a while since I learned anything “new” in crochet. That’s right. I am the gal whose grandmother did NOT do this.  I even called and asked my mom.

Have I mentioned I’m lazy?

Let’s try an experiment. I will blog and publish right here all the successful poolings with instructions on how I got there.  My tension is a bit tight, so if you are a bit lose, go down a size. If any of you care to be carried away with me, PLEASE let me know how you are doing, too!

Sorry for the SnapChat pics.  I was originally just sharing with the kids.

Here it goes:

Red Heart Super Saver in Antique, I found 3.

H hook starting at purple, 29 sts per row. A kinda loose X design.


H hook starting at purple, 27 sts per row. Vertical stripes. I think the white wouldn’t keep popping out.


H hook, 28 sts makes a plaid-ish design.  Starting from purple or white, but I liked the result from the white the best and made this.


Red Heart Super Saver Earth and Sky aka the reason Pinterest blew up with this technique.

H hook, 24 sts, starting at Dark Brown. Plaid. It’s the ONLY one I found in 7 tries, although at 26 sts you do get a much shallower, looser version of this. I assume everyone is kinda looking for the plaid though.


This I THINK is called neon brights by Red Heart but I’m not totally sure.  They don’t seem to sell it any longer.  It was in a baby hat that was getting no attention. (Originally it was leftover yarn from a hat or hat and scarf combo I made my oldest baby.)  I remade it into a water bottle sleeve.  It works in an odd number of stitches.  23 stitches per row with an H hook.


This is Platoon. It is again by Red Heart Super Saver. H Hook and a whopping 38 stitches allowed me to make a tablet case and cup sleeve. Love how they turned out!!!

Baby bee Hushabye in Ombre Berry Cute. I hook and 34 stitches.  (Fabulous feeling yarn BTW)


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